About us

We are communications experts who support founders, business angels and venture capitalists in building a strong network and shaping their external perception.

Through strategic communication and press work, we create awareness, build narratives and deepen networks between investors, teams and customers.

At COHORT, we aim to add value and foster our clients’ growth across multiple dimensions.

Combining our trusted relationships with the press, and the power of what we call “holistic networking”, our mission is to create valuable connections, make the right introductions, and build a reputation that works in your favour.

With deep subject-matter expertise across our industry COHORTs, we ensure that all stakeholders benefit.

By allocating our clients to industry-specific COHORTs, we build brand awareness and achieve the best possible coverage for each business within its respective sector.


What we offer

Networking & Fundraising Support

We leverage the power of our network to your advantage, depending on your needs.

Connecting your company with the right crowd at the right time. From investor intros to event invitations, speaking opportunities, corporate connections and more.

Strategic Communications

We co-create your communications strategy and find the right words for how you want the world to see you.

From devising your communications strategy to preparing your launch communications, distributing it to the right crowd and preparing you for interviews.

Public Relations & Press Work

We orchestrate relevant press coverage in leading publications via our trusted network.

This ensures that you are seen and talked about in the most relevant publications for your industry, targeting investors, employees, partners & customers.

Our mission is to bring your vision out into the world. As your partner, our main goal is to strengthen your brand awareness and amplify your growth.


Our clients choose to partner with us because they value our deep understanding of the tech behind their products, and our reliable network to share that knowledge with.

Case Studies

We are impressed
by the ideas of our partners and develop appreciation and determination.

Their vision makes us euphoric and motivates us to get the story out into the world.

Through our unique holistic networking approach, we can help you achieve your company’s vision. Let’s discuss different ways of working together.


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